The Issue

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1. Risks to Community Safety

Community safety will be put at risk with no clear plan in place to transition safely from the RCMP. Mayor McCallum’s plan would raid neighbouring Metro Vancouver police departments to start his new force, creating chaos and significant risks to public safety around the region.

  • The new Surrey police force has not hired a single officer.
  • Only 14% of Surrey RCMP officers will even consider joining a Surrey Police Service.
  • The Justice Institute of BC does not have the resources to train 800+ new police officers over the next few months or even year. 

2. Hidden and Unknown Costs

This is a costly plan filled with hidden and unknown expenses for taxpayers. With Surrey already facing a deficit of $42 million due to COVID-19, taxpayers can’t risk paying more to get less in the middle of a global pandemic. There are dozens of unanswered questions with very expensive answers, and it is not clear who will be left to pick up the bill.

  • Potential doubling of IT costs
  • Liability and legal costs for accidents, civil actions, and other claims
  • Loss of additional federal subsidies, including 30% for the Integrated Homicide Investigative Teams (IHIT) service

3. Unpopular Plan

Surrey residents overwhelmingly do not support this unpopular plan. 

  • 77% of residents support keeping the RCMP in Surrey
  • 58% oppose the Mayor’s plan – and 44% of those strongly oppose it.
  • 70% support a referendum on the plan