Surrey wrong to hike taxes at least 8% while continuing with expensive and unwanted new police service

The City of Surrey is simply wrong to hike taxes by roughly 8% per household while continuing to spend untold millions on an expensive and unpopular new Surrey Police Service, says the union representing RCMP Members in Surrey and across Canada.

The National Police Federation is responding to the City of Surrey's staggering proposed municipal tax increase in 2021 – consisting of a 2.9% increase in property taxes, on top of a 200% increase in levies.

"In the middle of a growing pandemic with unknowable economic impacts, Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum is taking money from the pockets of families instead of stopping his expensive and unpopular police transition plan," said Brian Sauvé, President of the National Police Federation. "Imposing a tax increase of at least 8% at a time when COVID-19 is spreading at an alarming rate, is shockingly irresponsible and out-of-touch with Surrey families."

The Mayor willingly gave up $20.4 million in federal and provincial subsidies and tax benefits associated with the previous RCMP contract, which Surrey taxpayers are also left to cover.

A recent poll showed that 58% of Surrey residents oppose a new police service - with 44% strongly opposed – and 70% want a binding referendum on whether to replace the RCMP or not, according to a Pollara poll of Surrey residents commissioned in August by the NPF.

"We've only begun digging into the numbers released today, but Surrey continues to hide significant costs from taxpayers which will only result in future tax increases on top of what they're bringing down in this budget," added Sauvé. "We are adding our voice to the members of City Council and residents who believe the Mayor and his team should put the well-being of families ahead of their pet political projects."

About the National Police Federation:

The National Police Federation (NPF) was certified to represent ~20,000 RCMP members serving across Canada and internationally in the summer of 2019. The NPF is the largest police labour relations organization in Canada, the second largest in North America, and is the first independent national association to represent RCMP members. The NPF will focus on improving public safety in Canada by negotiating the first-ever Collective Agreement for RCMP officers, and on increasing resources, equipment, training and supports for our members who have been under-funded for far too long. Better resourcing and support for the RCMP will enhance community safety and livability in the communities we serve, large and small, across Canada.

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For further information: Media contact: Brian Sauvé, President, National Police Federation, [email protected], T: 604-861-2684