SURREY NOW LEADER- Fight to keep Surrey RCMP ‘not over,’ campaign vows

Now they’re really mad.

There’s no appetite to drop the fight against Surrey’s resolve to replace the RCMP with a city police force, despite Solicitor General Mike Farnworth resounding advancement of the city’s cause last Thursday by giving thumbs’ up to the establishment of a police board to get the new force up and running.

While one might suspect, given this latest development, that some residents angry about Surrey ditching the RCMP would be tempted to throw in the towel. Instead, it has enraged them further and, politically speaking, Surrey’s NDP MLAs are now in the hot seat.

“This is not over,” says Paul Daynes, a strategist for the Keep The RCMP in Surrey Campaign. “We will never give up, we’re in this to win. By winning, we define that as keeping the RCMP in Surrey and I can give you a statement right now, we will win. We’re absolutely determined.”

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