NPF Responds to Unproven, One-sided Allegations from Surrey Police Service

Surrey, BC – Following is a statement from Brian Sauvé, President and CEO of the National Police
Federation, regarding unproven and anonymous allegations against Surrey RCMP Members.
“The unproven and one-sided allegations outlined in the latest media and courtroom attack by the
Surrey Police Service (SPS) are opportunistically timed to attempt to influence the ongoing City of Surrey
vs. Province of B.C. court case and a blatant attempt at unfounded character assassination towards our
Members in Surrey. This sits, in large part, at the Province’s feet due to mismanagement in the bungled,
protracted, and politicized policing transition.

Many of these unproven allegations are part of an ongoing collective grievance before impartial and
independent arbitration, while others are conveniently being publicly surfaced this week with no details:
unproven and anonymous. The NPF is not a party to the arbitration, initially scheduled for December.
The NPF and the RCMP take harassment allegations seriously and welcome formal complaints through
fair and proper processes. Everyone deserves a healthy work environment, and we encourage SPS and
RCMP officers who feel they have valid complaints to follow established procedures. Unfortunately, the
SPS has chosen the court of public opinion.

For over a year and a half, SPS management, the SPS union and the Surrey Police Board have asserted a
smear campaign against Surrey RCMP Members, repeating the same allegations of a toxic workplace
while also refusing to provide any necessary information that would facilitate a proper investigation. As
is standard practice in any investigative case, the review should include interviews with parties on all
sides, consideration of all evidence, and resolution: either for the complainant if true or dismissal if
unfounded. And the investigation should be confidential until a conclusion is reached to respect and
protect all parties. Instead, our Members received no notice, no disclosure and no findings have been
made against them.

For over five years, our Members – and more recently officers with the Surrey Police Service – have
been working in an untenable and unprecedented political firestorm, perpetuated by the Province’s lack
of planning and clear timelines including an end date, that the City of Surrey has said they do not want
and can’t afford. This lack of clarity, combined with ongoing negative rhetoric against the RCMP from
the B.C. Ministry of Public Safety, directly feeds the low morale seen across the policing landscape in
Surrey. Our Members, too, have been harassed and disrespected on many fronts and yet they continue
to professionally serve the people of Surrey.

We will continue to support our Members and stand up for them throughout this process as we work
towards ensuring they can move forward in their careers to their next postings as expeditiously as

About the National Police Federation

The National Police Federation (NPF) represents ~20,000 RCMP Members serving across Canada and
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