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CLOVERDALE REPORTER: It’s Time for Surrey to be Heard

Which party will listen to Surrey voters?

With a snap B.C. election called for Oct. 24 and Surrey having enough MLAs to determine the outcome, it’s finally time for Surrey to be heard.

Indeed, neither NDP Premier John Horgan nor Opposition Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson can afford to ignore Surrey voters any longer.

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Flawed, rushed two-week search for police Chief shows Surrey is not serious about building a modern police service, finding best candidates

SURREY, British Columbia, Aug. 28, 2020 — In a letter released today, National Police Federation (NPF) President Brian Sauvé is calling on the Surrey Police Board to halt the rushed search for a Chief Constable, citing the woefully inadequate process that is underway. Sauvé says that when compared with the recruitment efforts of major cities around Canada, Surrey’s process is seriously lacking.

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New internal survey confirms major recruitment problem for Surrey Police Service

SURREY, British Columbia, Aug. 21, 2020 — The National Police Federation (NPF) today released results of an exclusive RCMP survey of Members currently serving in Surrey which confirms a major problem for the proposed Surrey Police Service (SPS) and police detachments throughout Metro Vancouver municipalities – less than 14% of current RCMP Members would apply to work with the SPS.

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Lack of Transparency, Real Costs and Timing Key Issues for New Surrey Police Board’s First Meeting

Following is a statement from Brian Sauvé, President, National Police Federation:

After months of uncertainty perpetuated by Mayor McCallum’s evasive tactics, we expect the new Surrey Police Board to provide information on real and hidden financial and social costs of this expensive and secretive plan. As the public body accountable to residents of Surrey on matters of policing, these issues are critical to residents of Surrey, and our 850 Members serving in Surrey.

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Unexpected Surrey Police Transition Costs Growing By The Day

Surrey- The unexpected and growing cost of Mayor McCallum’s Surrey police transition is becoming clearer every day, according to National Police Federation President Brian Sauvé. On Monday, Surrey City Council is scheduled to discuss an additional $500,000 expense to cover IT costs related to the transition.

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VOICE- National Police Federation on Sikh Heritage Month

NATIONAL Police Federation President Brian Sauvé released the following statement on Thursday for Sikh Heritage Month:

“The National Police Federation joins all Canadians in commemorating Sikh Heritage Month. We express gratitude for the many contributions Sikh Canadians have made to Canada, as well as to the RCMP.

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