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RCMP officers face up to $109,000 in immediate out-of-pocket costs to transition pension; major recruitment problem for SPS

Transitioning from the RCMP to the delayed and unpopular Surrey Police Service (SPS) could cost most current RCMP Members up to $109,000 in an immediate, out-of-pocket costs.

The National Police Federation, which represents around 850 RCMP Officers in Surrey and ~7,000 Officers throughout British Columbia, retained the services of Westcoast Actuaries to study what it could cost Members to transition their pension from the RCMP to Surrey's unpopular new force. The results of that study show that early- and mid-career RCMP Members (32 to 42 years old) could face an estimated $79,000 to $109,0001 in out-of-pocket costs to transfer their pension.

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