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Homeowners’ Wallets Being Squeezed to Fund Expensive and Unpopular Police Transition

Surrey, B.C. — As property tax bills arrive ahead of their July 1 due date, Surrey homeowners are reminded of the rising and unknown costs of the proposed police transition.

In addition to a 2.9% City-announced property tax increase, homeowners are again facing the homeowner levy, which is dedicated to funding the proposed new police service and which tripled from $100 to $300 in 2021.

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Holiday Release of Surrey Five-Year Plan Provides No Details On Costs To Be Borne By Surrey Taxpayers

SURREY, BC – The City of Surrey will finally release its 2022-2026 budget for review by taxpayers and the public today, prior to a Council vote to be held on Christmas Eve. This plan, however, does not include the typical Corporate Reports that provides further details on sustained and increased budgets, spending and tax implications for residents and business owners.

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Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs…but perhaps not if you live in Surrey

NPF Asks Province to Step In on Unconstitutional Sign Bylaw Amendment

SURREY, BC – The NPF has sent a letter to the Province of B.C. following an October 18, 2021 Surrey Council meeting where anti-democratic amendments to Surrey Sign By-Law, 1999, No. 13656 were presented and approved, muzzling any opposition signage and other forms of advertising and free speech regarding ‘the voting for, support or opposition of a municipal, provincial or federal issue.’

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Surrey Taxpayers Will Pay Millions More for Fewer Surrey Police Service Officers than for Current Complement of RCMP Officers

SURREY, BC – The National Police Federation (NPF) has assessed evolving negotiated salaries and increases for both Surrey Police Service and RCMP officers, revealing that policing costs for Surrey taxpayers are millions of dollars lower each year for the RCMP, even following a long overdue pay raise based on a new RCMP Collective Agreement. The May 2019 Surrey Policing Transition Report forecasted an anticipated 20% total RCMP wage increase[1] over four years, which is closely aligned with the actual negotiated increase.

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